Thursday, March 10, 2011

AKS is an eBook!

Here it is -- the eBook edition of AKS!! For just a few bucks, you can own the hot, new revised eBook! or get a sample!! If you don't have a Kindle, no problem. You can get the FREE Kindle app for your PC, phone, iPad, whatever...
then get a lengthy FREE sample of A Kindred Spirit!
(prologue, ALL of chapter 1, including art of PKD in his chair, and a bit of Chapter 2, too!!) Just do it! Thank you!!
Oh, and please post what you think of the eBook!


AKS Blog said...

I am entering AKS in the Global eBook Awards! So, here are all the reviews and I will continue adding new ones as comments under this link through the close of the official entry period (June 30, 2011.) FREE entry now for eBook Week:

* eBook Announcement 3-10-2011 on PKD Fan site NOTE: within this announcement is a link to a five-page feature article on myself and AKS in PKD Otaku #21 (pgs 17 - 22) and a link to Albuquerque alternative newspaper "the Alibi" ( vol 20, March 17 issue with an arts feature on AKS and me!

* 5-star reviews

* the Kindle Edition link on Amazon the Kindle edition has excellent formatting thanks to the professional conversion service I used.

* Review and Praise for AKS from the event host of the Philip K. Dick Festival where book was launched, fall 2010

* Praise for AKS eBook on Facebook

ZenWoman said...

Here is the direct link to the Alibi Review of A Kindred Spirit (for global eBook folks analysis.) Previous link is to the Alibi Table of Contents for that issue. You can find it there, also under Arts/Lit.

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