Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My trade paperback version of A Kindred Spirit (the novel) will be on display at the huge NEA Expo in Chicago, June 30 - July 2!!

I'm very excited because nearly 20-thousand attendees will pass through the book expo and several MILLION will have information about the books and materials at the event. It's an excellent opportunity for exposure. If anyone SEES the book there, please let me know:

Also, I just lowered the price on the eBook to $4.99 While some authors have dropped even lower (to 99 cents!) many to $3.99, I decided to step down more slowly. I can knock off another buck this summer or fall, but for now it's $4.99

After all, AKS is nicely formatted with graphics and art. I spent beaucoup bucks getting it in perfect format for iBook and Kindle and for distribution through Ingram as both trade paperback and eBook, so you get what you pay for, right? Some of the cheap-o books are truly self-published with little attention to detail. AKS had many hands involved and is published through a local consortium of professionals. It's worth a buck more, trust me!


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